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Category : 2011

Training on saving and credit for tea cooperatives 2012

Training on tea processing ,tasting and packing for tea cooperatives, 2012

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Category : Others

Closing program of Business plan preparation training of Processing unit of Cooperative 2012

15th National tea day ,celebration in Jhapa , Chairman of CTCF providing wellcome speech

CTCF deligation team providing the tea issues for Constitution assimbly chaiman in 2011

14th National Tea Day celebration in Ilam , jointly organized by CTCF and NTCDB

Category : 2015

4th annual general meeting of CTCF Nepal

AFA membership distirbution ceremony

Group Presentation in ToT on Mycoop

Hon.Ministry of Agriulture and Development speaking on the Meeting

Category : Second FACT Participatory Lesson Learned Workshop 2015

Opening Session

Facilitators Jun and Rabin facilitating the workshop

Participants of Second FACT Lesson Learned Participatory Workshop

Category : 5th AGM of CTCF

5th AGM

5th AGM

Category : Tea Tasting Ceremony

Tea tasting ceremony

CTCF Staff preparing for Tea tasting ceremony

Category : FACT Workshop training 2017

Participants of FACT workshop to the DTCFs

FACT workshop to the Board member of CTCF

Category : ILO / ACF UNNATI Related Project Pictures 2017 / 2018

1 Day Work

Demonstration of PPE by involving participants

Interaction Program on ‘Labour Dimensions of MNE Declaration, UN Global Compact and CSR’

National Level Interaction on Tea Policy, Issues, Constraints and way Forward

Category : Vacancy

Advertise for trainer of Assistant Tea Technician Level 1

Category : Tea Tasting with the beautiful landscape of Himalaya

tea tasting

tea tasting

Category : 2020

Interaction program with tea buyer and seller in Ilam with tea tasting of cooperative teas

Teas from Cooperatives